Walk With Me

Did Jesus walk fast?

I know this is hypothetical but bear with me for just a sec.

I work in a senior living community and my office is in the “back 40” which means I’m always clipping around the building from the front office to the service hallway and into residents rooms at a fairly quick pace.

Weather permitting I will walk around the outside of the building to get a breath of fresh air and clear my head from the stagnancy of working all day in a windowless room.

This morning as I made my way back to my office I noticed the sunshine and quickly detoured outside to catch sight of this:

I dead-stopped in my tracks, took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

Absolutely gorgeous.

In my moment of rest, with my face to the sky, enjoying the cool winter air, I relished these few moments of solitude and stillness when suddenly a thought ran through my brain, “did Jesus walk fast?”

The question caught me off guard so I took a few extra moments to soak in the sunshine and allow the question to percolate.

Am I so busy rushing through my day that I don’t walk with Jesus?


So far as I can tell from reading scripture, Jesus didn’t rush through His days. Instead, more times than not, He tarried with those who crossed His path, enjoying time spent with them, listening, healing, speaking truth into their lives.

How much more so are we to follow in His footsteps?

I began imagining myself walking with Jesus through my day. My pace slowed and I caught myself talking to Him more. Prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude bubbled to the surface. As I’d make my way around the workplace campus I observed those around me more, I stopped to chat, share a chuckle and a smile, offering help more than I normally would. Which eventually led to more prayers for those around me.

Conversations with the Lord were continual. In fact, the more I thought about “walking” with Jesus the more I prayed and shared my thoughts with Him.

When it came to clocking out for the evening, I looked in my rearview mirror of the days events and was stunned at all that had been done. For the first time in forever, I was amazed at the peace that encapsulated my entire day. Jesus had walked with me every step of the way and I felt His presence, heard His voice in a way I’d never stopped to enjoy.

Sometimes I lose track of my life and get caught up with the societal expectations that more work is better. Honestly, the only “more” that mattered was spending time with Jesus, keeping in step with His pace, which led to conversations, laughter and a workload I had not expected.

Years ago, a question was raised in our weekly bible study group that still sticks with me to this day, “Will you recognize Jesus when you get to heaven?” The answer I think is obvious: the more time I spend walking with Jesus allows me the opportunity to get to know the One who knows me best, so when the day comes I get to go home, I will instantly know my Lord.

These days my walking patterns have changed because of Who I’m walking with. I take note when I start zipping around the campus and realize its because I’m stressed and I’m trying to make things happen in my own time and will. This is when I step outside, take a deep breath and invite Jesus to lead the way.

Friends, I want to encourage you to walk with Jesus throughout your day. Trust me, it’ll change every single aspect of your life.

He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? ~Micah 6:8

Until next time,

May God bless you and keep you safe,

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