Compensation and Disclosure Policy

Compensation and Disclosure Policy

This is a personal blog which focuses on my faith, family, food and fun. Window of Faith is completely written and edited by me, the owner,  Amy., unless otherwise noted by the guest author to whom I have given permission to post a blog article.

All questions regarding this blog and any information therein, may be directed to my attention using my email address: 4windowoffaith(at)gmail(dot)com

While the intention and goal of this blog is to encourage and support women in their walk with God there may opportunities that present themselves whereas I am paid for cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions and other forms of compensation.

**Please note these forms of income, compensations and/or benefit, in no way, shape or form influence the content of my blog, Windowoffaith(dot)com.

 **Also note that at any time, I reserve the right to decline a request for advertising if I feel it is not a good fit for my blog.

As it applies to the monetization of Window of Faith, I make money on this blog through ads, sponsored posts, and affiliate links. Ads appearing on my blog may be in place as an exchange for monetary compensation. Affiliate links which are found in my blog may mean that I am being gaining a small financial compensation when anyone uses the links to purchase the item showcased. No additional fees are attached to the affiliate links.

If a post is sponsored it may mean I have been compensated. These compensations do not skew my opinion on the item being shown. All opinions are solely my own as I strive to only work with companies I can completely recommend to my readers and whose companies directly correlate to the topics being shared about on my blog and those companies I truly love and use.

These sponsored, reviewed and affiliated links help me offer resources to my readers that I believe in and use, while enabling me to cover the costs of running this site.

It is important to restate that all opinions on this blog, unless otherwise noted, are purely my own. As with any product, if a consumer has any questions regarding the product being showcased, I highly encourage seeking out the manufacturer or representative in question.

As always thank you for visiting & supporting Window of Faith. I appreciate you!