Date Night and Christmas Lights

The Hubs and I are best friends. I love that man of mine. And he loves me. We trust and love each other and truly enjoy spending time together

After almost 3 decades of marriage we tend to know each other pretty well. However, that doesn’t give us the right to take each other for granted.

Nope. Just the opposite. We have to be diligent in making time for one another and making each other count.

So when I got home from work today The Hubs announced that we needed to go see the Christmas lights downtown.

Now normally I don’t think Christmas lights go up quite so early in the season but this is the first year a Winterfest and Holiday Art Walk is happening so decorations are going up a tad early.

Yay! We love it!

In fact, generally speaking I start playing Christmas music before Halloween. Besides, who doesn’t love a little Michael Buble playing in the background?

Taboo, right?

I know. It’s ok. I’ll admit that I am that person.  But only to a small degree.

No I don’t have my Christmas shopping done. That’s usually completed by Christmas eve. Ugh! Late wrapping. The worst!

We don’t put up our Christmas tree and decorations until after Thanksgiving.

So really the only thing that sets my heart a flutter are Christmas lights. Specifically blue Christmas lights and white snowflakes. It’s my favorite combination. 

So when The Hubs saw that they were hanging just that color combination on all the trees downtown, he knew, because he knows me so well, that I’d want to go see.

He was right.

So after dinner we bundled up, grabbed the puppies and headed down to see the lights.

You see, here’s the truth. Being married takes work. Lots of it. You have to really intentionally invest in each other continually.  It matters. All those little acts of thoughtfulness and love, it matters. 

Those small acts of love add up and help build a marriage, keep it strong and growing because that spouse of yours is showing that they know you so well, and they love you so much, they want you to be happy.

Even when its something as simple as blue Christmas lights and white snowflakes. 

Let me encourage you today. What is it about the upcoming holiday season that makes your spouse’s heart skip a beat? Is it going to see a local theater’s version of the Nutcracker? Is it grabbing a hot chocolate and walking through a holiday craft show? Or maybe its heading up into the mountains, just the two of you and having a snowball fight? 

Give it some thought and then act on it. Make your marriage a priority. Show your spouse that you love them dearly and that they are the most important person on this planet to you.

Your marriage will benefit, flourish and grow. And who knows maybe you’ll create new holiday memories together.

Happy Holidays!

Blessings & best wishes,